Quick & Easy Fortune Telling Cards


You can be reading tonight! The easy to read format has key words and a central image to make interpreting simple, yet profoundly insightful.

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Just as Rider Waite made the tarot accessible to all by putting pictures on the minor cards, Victoria Chasmar has made reading regular playing cards easy by creating a deck that has key words and a central image to aid in reading the cards.

The 52 card deck includes 3 layout cards with five card spreads to help answer your questions. Searching for a quick answer? Try the Yes/No spread. Are you looking for an overview of what’s coming up in your life? Try the Nine card life spread. Perhaps you want a weekly forecast? There is even a simple method to determine Yes or No answers. Victoria has made reading regular playing cards simple without loss of meaning or the ability to provide profound insight. Fortune Telling has never been this easy. The Quick & Easy Fortune telling cards will have you reading in minutes!

Have your deck signed.  Prior to shipping, send an email with the words “signed copy” as your email subject.  Be aware that the box will be opened to sign it (top flap)  but the cards will not be handled.

Deck includes 52 fortune telling cards and 3 layout/spread cards.

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